Friday, July 25, 2008

Randy Pauch - You get my 99th Post- I heart you!

Randy Pauch, the amazingly inspiring youtube sensation and Carnegie Mellon professor who wrote and gave "The Last Lecture" crossed over to the other side of things today. Good Luck Randy! I would say may the force be with you, but it's clear it already is. Much sympathy to his wife and children who will not get to see him for a while.... I can't imagine losing a man like that... But then again, to have a man like that in your life, as a father, in your blood... That would be pretty freaking amazing.... He lived for over 2 years with a cancer that kills most within a month or two... I attribute that wholly to his rockin' attitude... Randy, you inspired and continue to inspire me to write and be who I am...You will always rock!

My fav Randy Pauch quote " The walls are not there to keep you from getting what you want. The walls are there for the other people - the ones who don't want it bad enough...."

Shear Genius:My Dog Edition Con't

This morning Reigna got a haircut. Because Nico didn't have too many left and someone in my house was still feeling pretty scissor happy... No idea who. And then the clippers came out. Reigna is in heaven because she feels fifty pounds lighter (and probably is) but she looks a mess. Who the hell put all those holes in her fur? And who cut Nico's whiskers off while I'm at it and gave him two near bald spots? I think it was Snarky Charlie. He snuck in my house and rocked those clippers......
I also solved a huge mystery of the dog kind, which was "Who is making these wet spots on the couch and why?" It's Lucky and it's because he is enthusiastically licking his A hole all over my pottery barn...
.The rest of this blog is a photo essay because a picture is worth a thousand haircut descriptions.....

Is it just me, or is She EVERYWHERE???

Shopping in the mall, browsing the web, watching the Today Show, reading USWeekly in bed, reading Vanity Fair AT ALL ... These used to be a few of my favorite things... Until Smiley Papyrus came along. Tuck your teef back in Smiley! Stop jumping around in the Limited Too!!! I can't even listen to the radio anymore in fear of hearing that awful commercial for the open casting call for some talent scout who scouted Girl 4 or something for Hannah Montana. "Do your kids love Hannah Montana? Would they like to be on a show just like Hannah Montana? Do you wish you had some money like Hannah Montana??" OMG shut it off. Smiley Papyrus is everywhere and I can't stop it. Not that it's her fault. But seriously. Tuck your teef back in. OH god are you complaining Smiley about how much sleep you got last night? Because last time I checked at 15 you can go a few days without stopping for fuel. Smiley sounds pretty old before her time. I better finish this blog before I start feeling bad for old Smiley. Oh god end of commercial break and Smiley is urging me to be happy, be happy, be happy, for her.... Tks Smiley now I no longer feel bad for you. And your backup dancers are superfreaks! Was thinking about posting the topless pic of old Smiley

"She's bringing backless back..."
Those other preteens don't know how to act
by the time she's 16 she'll be smoking crack.

What? Take it to the Mouse....."

OMG Mileyworld!!!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe (And Soup Accoutrement)

Shopping list
plum tomato
peppermill blend ( yes, I put this in Everything)
Campbell's tomato soup

Make soup per instructions but add a can of milk instead of water and plenty of fresh ground pepper. Voila - creamy tomato!

To make sandwich, melt a few pats of butter on a microwave safe plate while preheating frying pan to medium low. Deseed and thinly slice tomato. Slice the velveeta thinly if you can, if not NBD, it's pretty malleable. Soak up the butter on the plate with a slice of bread, place in pan, add cheese, a sprinkling of oregano and pepper, and some tomato before soaking a second piece of bread with butter and slapping that on top. Press down a bit with your spatula on your sandwich and check often to make sure you don't burn it, as it should only take a few minutes per side.

Cheap and easy just like the powerboat club girls but way more satisfying.

Good Morning Miami

It's on morning's like this that I really feel the full effect of some of the priveledges my life (and husband) provides me. I love when I wake up before he goes to work and we have that 45 minutes to hang out and talk, smoke and watch the dogs run (and potty) in the yard. Those moments make me smile all day. Then he leaves and I'm all up and Twittering and watching the Today show and a little voice inside of me is all "Don't you want to go back to sleep?" and that's the beauty of it. Because I always can later.
Someone snuck in and gave Nico the crappiest haircut ever when I was sleeping. Oh no, that was me. It's really not that bad but a little more light and a little less bacardi would have gone a long way. He's still not ready for his close up. Is this terrible that I am seriously considering asking Alicia, my buddy Danny of Shampology Salon and Supply right hand gal, to fix his hair while I have Danny fix mine? especially because she has little dogs and knows how to handle them.
In other news, I have officially scrapped the summer volunteering at Fairchild. I am still in to assist in the office for the Fairchild Challenge in the fall but the commute, my low tire, the bugs, the heat, the potting, and finally my mysterious possibly mango related rash ( tk god that is going away) just all add up to "I can't possibly go" every week.
And finally, I just got off the phone with my gorgeous husband and it looks like the pink slips are coming down on a few more heads this week. Good riddance to all that slows him ( and our next payday) down. In this economy, it astounds me that some people can't afford gas and some are buying million dollar gas guzzling boats with 60K paint jobs. I guess I'm comparing Orphan Annie to Daddy Warbucks though.
MMMMMmmmm Grilled cheese sandwiches on Today Show. OOOHHH the grilled cheese invitational! Why was I not invited! I have the best grilled cheese recipe EVER! ( To follow) Oh man, I just heard a crowd of people shouting "We want cheese!" Or was that just the voices in my head???

Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's All Going to Boil Down to A Few Old Jews

Watch this hysterical video at right if you have any familiarity with So Fla or Jews

Style of The Day

I gave Nico a haircut tonight with my J.A. Henckels kitchen shears. If you ask me, my work was Shear Genius. Will post pics tomorrow as I feel lazy (read: buzzed) on this Thursday evening with a long night of fun (read: pina colada making and My fav night of TV ever reruns while R sleeps on couch with hot pack on his hip.) Nico looks smaller now but cuter than ever. He is sleeping from all the excitement. He was getting super scruffy and now I will have to scrounge tomorrow to see if I have any good documentation so like, 3 people can read this. I digress, it's not the time to beat up on the self, especially not after achieving Shear Genius results on my first tiny dog and kitchen shears haircut. Only in this case, I would consider the cut a success just b/c no one got cut. Okay, I think it's time for a self -inflicted blogging restriction. As in, "friends don't let friends blog buzzed."
Goodnight Blogosphere...Goodnight Web...Goodnight Twitter...Goodnight Head...

Have a happy hot and humid Miami evening all!! YAY for TV fans everywhere

Guess what everyone? Come in from the pool and power up that laptop because I'm about to share the greatest thing to happen to Summer Television since Reality TV. It's called
and while it doesn't have nearly as many shows as ITunes, it's free and doesn't require harddrive clogging downloading like Limewire or any other one of those shmageegies I can't quite figure out. BTW I managed to find some S4 entourage ( which I mostly missed) on Limewire once then couldn't figure out how to watch them. That was the end of that. While Entourage is not on yet, I bet it will be soon. Today I watched some Epi's of the Hills, getting ready for the new season in a couple of weeks. G*D was it weird to see pre nose job and pre spencer Heidi. It's like from before she became a Stepford Wife! Seriously. Or just a Stepford Social Climber. And I am also 100% sure Spencer is gay. Who's with me?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh Fuhcackduh!

I just heard that Jen Lancaster was at BlogHer08! How could I have missed a chance to rub elbows with one of my fav authors and inspirations? I digress, clearly it was just not in the cards yet. BlogHer09' girls... I'm on it!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quote of The Day

"I'm politically apathetic. We were raised in a time when we never had a leader who was a role model. Every president has gotten worse and worse."
- Gossip Girl Hottie Penn Badgley