Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sarah Cohen Goldstein from MidBeach - JAPerickelah for VP!

In yesterday's festivities and barrage of news coverage, a statistic caught my eye. It claimed that 95% of voting African Americans voted for Obama. All I could think about was the other 5%. I thought to myself, if a Jew was running for Pres or VP, it would be 100%. Then three terrifying words popped into my head. "Sarah Palin 2012."

I tried to think of the Jewish equivelent of Sarah, which is in the header. The thing is, sex and the beach already did it in video as a Cuban drug dealer Mom, Sarah Gonzalez (Here's Why) and with appropriate timing... Oh well..

Anyway, Sarah Cohen Goldstein is just another Cushman Mom in Dior at Epicure. Foreign policy, Hello she lives in My AAAAAhh Meeee? And her baby nurse is from Sweden. Her housekeeper is from Honduras. Her pool guy is Cuban. Her gardener is Mexican. Oy, her house is practically the U.N.!! She can take the heat too, literally, since she has to wear long skirts and long sleeves all the time. Spending? Maverick, Schmaverick, JAPerickelah... Sarah Cohen Goldstein will get a better deal!

So the question is, not to compare the president elect with Sarah Palin, but maybe to some African Americans( that 5%) his ideas rubbed them as wrong as her voice rubbed most of America?? Or is this five percent the SuperRichRepublicanElite? Is this five percent motivated by nothing but the fear of the phrase "Tax increases for the very wealthy?" I don't know, but I sure am curious.

And I wonder, would the Jewish community and religious leaders and the "ahem" Liberal Media Elite ( which are all Jews) urge us to vote for Sarah just because she is Jewish? Did that happen in the African American community? My friend Hansel who spent some time volunteering for Obama happens to think the NAACP comes and takes you away if you didn't vote for Obama. Since he is African American, he is allowed to say things like that, just like I can say that most Jewish women complain a lot.

Either way, I'll be watching for the SWAT teams.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted Today!!

It was nothing like I thought it would be. I arrived at ten-thirty and was done in fifteen minutes. When I was next up to vote, I got that "I'm in another dimension" feeling, and I almost shed a tear. I controlled myself however. I somehow got stuck with the world's crappiest privacy thingy. The left side kept falling down on my head every time I filled a bubble in. At one point I looked around to see if anyone was going to help me with the damn thing, but alas, I just kept on rebalancing it and bubbling away. So many amendments! Also, I think they should tell you if people are republicans or democrats every time. Obama/Biden, No on 2. That's what I went in there for, and that's what I did.

No matter what happens, I am happy today. (Hey Sarah Gonzalez) Here's Why...

George W. Bush will never, ever be our president again! Like EVER! If that man had half a brain it would be retarded...

Also, my IQ is 31 points higher than Sarah Palin's... Maybe I should be the next VP. Just not with any candidate who's party ends with "ublican".

It's Miami- Get Out There and Reggaeton the Vote!

Good Morning Voting Public!!!

I am getting ready to head off to the polls with No Reservations... You know, by Anthony Bourdain?
I have to admit something. This is the first time I have voted. I was eligible to vote in 2000 & 2004 but I was so, as Penn Badgley put it, "Politically apathetic" then. I didn't feel bad about it either - Both elections I lived in a state that's as blue as the winters are cold - Connecticut. I hated-hate-will always hate Bush. Like I've said before, the only Bush I trust is my own, and to be frank, I haven't had one of those since before he took office the first time. I have butterflies in my stomach, perhaps because it's my first date with the polls. Or possibly because I'm hungry. Either way, Obama just voted, so I better get a move on it.

Blogging Buzz

There's been some chatter about opening up a new blog just for my greys recaps. I know it's a good idea, but I haven't been blogging enough other stuff recently to justify starting a whole new blog. Anyone want to send me a Greys layout for the new blogger page and maybe a header too? OK, and maybe a name? As always, email is appreciated.