Friday, May 16, 2008

To Boston or Not to Boston?

Hello Everyone!

So here I am in CT, waiting for Jess to come home from work so we can go buy gifts for my sister's shower this Sunday. Also, we are going to Friendly's (YAY) If I win the lotto, the first thing that I am going to do after tearing up the shops at Bal Harbor and planning a trip around the world is buy a Friendly's and stick it right in Miami. Biscayne just south of Aventura, or possibly midtown would be good. Possibly could happen even without the lotto. Despite the fact that SamStyl is Prague- ing it out right now ( SOOO jealous) she will think it's a great idea when she comes back to the states ( with a gift for me I hope). We have been trying to come up with a business to own together for the longest. I think this beats catering midbeach kiddie parties, eh?

To Boston, To Boston?

So, flying out tues at 750 pm. Supposed to go back to my friend Anna's house monday night and hang out with her tuesday. I am going to my mothers after the shower and spending the night with her, but last night she called and said - hey - why don't we go to Boston? Hmmm... Why not right? The thing is, everytime it's the same. Too many people, not enough time, and the harder you try to be "fair" with how you spread myself around, someone is always mad or feels slighted. It's a blast, trying to walk this line between doing what you actually want to do and making everybody happy. I didn't even rent a car this time - this separates the people who say they want to see you from the ones who are actually willing to drive out to pick you up an hour away. I'm supposed to spend that Monday night with Anna, but DUH! I want to go to Boston and stay in a posh hotel and shop and spend time with my mother and eat fabulous food.

Decision 2008? Or BostonGate?

I still am undecided. I have already spent two nights in Worcestor with Anna. I physically cannot be in two places at once. And my mom, who the hell else is she going to go have fun in Boston with if not me? Any comments or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Right now, I'm leaning toward Boston... Look how pretty it is at night!