Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weird Song Wednesday..

If I am having an insomnia issue, and can't stay asleep, and it's still dark out, is it technically still weds? Better late than never I say!

I wrote this song in response to someone who came on the website I write for, (the one that actually pays me lol) to the tune of “Say it Right” By Nelly Furtado. I hope he comes back to listen to his song!!

“Just Ain’t right”

Sleep All Day
Up All Night
Those on Coke
Just Ain’t Right
Miami’s got it
What city won’t
But you really oughta know
When you go on a website
to ask strangers to find
you, some cocaine
there’s a hole in your plans
( and maybe your nose)

Oh you don’t need blow to have fun in Miami
And the people on this website we like to eat
The sun the beach the attractions are all you need
Do you think that cocaine will set you free?

We could say, where to go
certain clubs, certain roads
we could say, but we won’t
it’s not right, and you know
and you know, how it feels
when your heart pounds all night
and your sweaty, and your gross nose
that was super fun, right?


Oh you don’t need blow to have fun in Miami
grab a mojito and chill at Nikki Beach
walk down for a filet at smith and wolensky
if you need a buzz just drink some Cuban coffee
(but you’d rather do coke...)

I don’t need to tell you, you already see
And I hope you don’t come back here, looking for it
And it won’t solve your problems
DO you really, want coke?

Oh you don’t need blow to have fun in Miami
You could just go swimming in our aqua blue seas
Or save your money to do some world class shopping
write back if you need to know where to go eat

oking to score an 8 ball... Online to a bunch of strangers.. It was so beyond inappropriate I had to write a song about it, so here goes