Friday, August 15, 2008

The Episode Before The Season Finale

If this blog was a television show, it would be one that didn't find itself until season two.

Above is a picture from my bachelorette party I found on Anna's computer while gearing up for my sister's fiesta tomorrow. I'm in the middle.

I plan on taking a month hiatus to gear up for "Blue Moon Over Miami: Season Two".
I am new to blogging and as my Anna so gently pointed out, sometimes my blog is like talking to me on the phone rather than reading my more creative and interesting stuff. I am taking this break until the day before the Grey's Anatomy season premiere, which would be September 24. I will be blogging during this time, but into word. The stream of consciousness "I played with the dogs, got annoyed with something, and went to the grocery store" blogging is not what I set out to accomplish when I began this thing. I will be reading blogs and blogs about blogging and blogs about the things I blog as much as possible.

I do plan on one more post before I break. I want to think about it and make it good though, as any season finale should be. And to be a taste of what's to come.

If anyone needs to talk to me during my hiatus, you can always send an email to

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the Emailhood...

Well pull my finger and call me Charlie! I just got another exciting email, posted below, from my favorite brewing company in the universe.

Hi, BohoPoetGirl.

Magic Hat Brewing Co (magichat) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Check out Magic Hat Brewing Co's profile here:

You may follow Magic Hat Brewing Co as well by clicking on the "follow" button.



(the short version)

Dear Bohopoetgirl( this is my edit)

Thanks for submitting your great poem "I Was Born In Sedona". We thought this was a wonderful write.

We have updated shelf 4 of our submitted poetry section along with August's Poetry dances section and have added you as a favorite writer for August.

Many thanks again-
and welcome to Poetry!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Anthony French

My Note: And there goes the anonymity. That lasted about as long as I watched Denise Richards:It's (not really) Complicated

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Conjunction Junction, What's Your Dysfunction??

Man I am sure having a minor meltdown over here over the Things That Might Go Wrong over the next 12 days. I can't find my copy of R's credit card with my name on it that I rented my car in.. I can't find my amex, the only other card I haven't cut up in my overzealous attempts to stop living above our immediate means. They don't accept a debit card to hold it, they don't accept someone else's card, cash is useless. Oy vey gevault! My name is on the credit card account but I don't know if that's gonna fly in Boston... OMG what if I get stuck in Boston and I don't even have my laptop because my idiot ass never bought a proper laptop case... OMG... My stomach feels funky and I am so very anxiety ridden. I have been working on my maid of honor speech.... in my head... On paper, I've got zilch. At least I brought my flash drive. It's the next best thing to having my own puter I suppose. Wishing I had an Iphone and being jealous of R, esp because he doesn't even know how to use the internet... Maybe I should be looking for my copy of that credit card instead of blogging about how stressed I am?? That's a thought....

Waiting For The Sun

Of course I had to wait until my absolute last day in Miami to try to tan, and of course I had to spend the sunny morning on the internet, packing, and cleaning. By the time I was ready to tan the sun was doing this in and out thing that made me feel like it was literally fucking me. Thankfully I came into the garage before it started spitting down. It now looks like a hurricane, and Samstyl's flight to VT via NY was CANCELLED this AM, and I am scheduled to fly out tomorrow, same airport, same airline, to Boston which last time I checked was not all that far from NY. My flight tracker claims we are still on time for departure tomorrow morning, but I don't believe it! I don't even like to drive in the rain, and although I've been flying many many times a year since birth, I still am uneasy about flying ( especially landing) in the rain.

In other news, I found my favorite camp counselor and the only other person in the universe I have found worthy to share my nickname on Facebook. It gave me the chills, seeing these girls who seemed so much older and more worldly when I was 8-14 and now I realize are only 4 years older than me which is pretty much nada at this point. I still have not been back to camp since I got kicked out the night of the play (Wizard of Oz, in which I had a plum role as Uncle Henry) which was a week before my senior year ended, taking the fall for doing the same things all my friends were doing and also the fall for every other thing that had gone wrong all summer. Soda tabs in the vending machine? Must have been me.. Laundry ladies smoking pot in star camp? Must have been me. I'm getting all upset reliving it here but it's also kind of an escape into the Things That Went Wrong And You Can't Change a Damn Thing About It. from my more pressing and immediate anxieties, The Things That Haven't Actually Gone Wrong Yet But Still Could.

Any secret, moses code or celestine prophecy reader would tell me right now, no Bohopoetgirl, the sun is not fucking you. The universe is not fucking you.

You are fucking yourself.

That's what she said.

I'm off to scan some old camp photos into the computer. :)

My Daily Peeve

The guy on the Liberty Medical commercial ( you will never have seen this unless you have a tv on during the day) who insists on calling Diabetes, Dya-beat-ehs. The cherry is that he says it like five times during the 45 second spot. ARGGGHHH!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Weird Song by Tim Hawkins

What Are You Doing??

I highly suggest you catch Kerri Walsh and Misty May kick Cuba's ARSE in Beach Volleyball. Especially poignant for us South Floridians. Misty has brought some of her mother's ashes to sprinkle if and when they get gold again. It has me thinking of color war at summer camp and how this is just like that on a worldwide domination level... Oh yeah! Match point! And there it is! The US blows Cuba away in 26 minutes!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!




This is their 103rd straight win! Rock on girls!

* Photo courtesy of the Tai Pei Times. Seriously.

The Mystery of The Cushion Mushin

For those of you who haven't heard me wax poetic about my Pottery Barn sectional, it was the biggest purchase I have ever made with money I made myself. Okay, that money was the commission I earned by being my own agent when I bought my current home, but still, it made the lousy year and a half I spent in Real Estate more worth it than the oft promised rarely delivered bonuses I got selling the Queen's condo's for him when I was his and the Fag Hag's assistant. It is huge, filling up my entire living room, and I even sprung for the ottoman, the down filling, and the matching rug. Sometimes we forget how much couch room we now have and you may find Richy, Me, Reigna, Lucky, and Nico all curled up one side of the couch as if it was the entire thing.
Fast forward to the mystery of the wet spots, as I blogged a few weeks ago, that was Lucky doing some overenthusiastic licking. Now I am starting to notice how mushed a few of my cushions are becoming, and since Lucky has gotten a bit fat for his size lately, I suspect him. Here's a pic of my mushed cushion

I've tucked a fleece dog blanket into the next section of the couch for my shedders, but of course the only one who hangs out there is Nico, the one who doesn't shed. Oy Vey. it didn't take me very long to catch the musher in the act, as represented here. Nobody will be surprised to learn who it is:

Right now it is pouring mushers and shedders outside!! Also, if anyone would like to comment on how I can make my food stealing Lucky lose weight, you will see above his head is rapidly shrinking....And that cushion is not exactly a piece of fluff....