Friday, August 8, 2008

Criminals in Your Neighborhood and Mine

I had forgotten the link to that awesome site that shows you all the criminals in your neighborhood until my amazing friend Jess resent it to me yesterday. It is

I haven't used it since I lived in SoBe so I was excited to learn Miami Shores is scarce on criminals, but to my North there are two sex offenders, and to my west are three young stalkers. Due south of me is a robber. YAY.

It's on days like this I am thankful to have a 96 lb German Shepherd, a 20 pound jumping barking biting Min Pin that scares some people more than the shepherd , and ADT. Oh and a husband from Queens.

Every little bit helps.

Monday, August 4, 2008

All About My Sister's Wedding

That would be a great Jeopordy before and after answer, I say! I'm sitting in my garage chain smoking and drinking regular coke from a can as I bawl my eyes out like a little girl. My little sister is getting married, and it's to the most amazing guy for her I could have ever dreamt up. Because I was 3 and a half when she was born, and my photographic memory that somehow made it through my college experiment to see how many brain cells I really needed, I remember everything. Her first step, the way my mom would set her up at the beach on a towel with a family size bag of jax and a sippy cup of sprite and the kid was in heaven. I remember her first step in our first house in Ellington, how she grabbed for the coffee table, with my mother and I cheering her on, pulled herself up with the most heart-melting smile and started tottering across the room.
I remember when she started dating.. How none of them ever really got her, really understood how amazing and big hearted and unique she is. Until she met Rico. The two of them were instantly inseparable, their first song w as that one by lighthouse that goes, "And there's you and me, and all of the people with nothing to do, nothing to lose and there's you and me, and all of the people and I don't know why, I can't take my eyes off of you.."And when I met him, I was so greatful that they had found each other. Because life is so much better with true love in it. I remember how quickly they knew they wanted to marry each other. And here we are 3 years later 2 weeks from what looks to be the best wedding this family has seen since, well, mine. ( Sorry, I'm not known for my modesty) And I'm reading this wedding detail email as I am planning the bachelorette party and when I get to the sentence the limo is coming back to take Ricardo and me home I just totally lost it, I couldn't imagine 2 people who deserve the happiness they have found together more. I'm happy to see my sister get married, I am beyond thrilled to see my sister get married to someone that is so right for her and loves her so much. I am still bawling my eyes out by the way, so I'm going to have to end this here, as I'm having a hard time typing.