Friday, June 13, 2008

My favorite things to do during a hurricane

.Declare I am not leaving the house, loudly, to no one in particular, unless I am evacuated to the Ritz Carlton...
. 3 little magical letters; DVR
. Make sauce and meatballs on the side burner of the grill if power is out( super special secret sauce recipe to come)
. play with my puppies
Watch the waves crash and the whole scene, smoking, from a high floor ocean view suite on South Beach, the crazy surfers, the beach patrol after them, the letters coming off of the oceanfront boutique hotels...
Drive around the next day taking photos of the damage... Hmmm, I know SamStyl has some from after Wilma.. Will have to hit her up for those..

Happy When it Rains

Ahh Hurricane season. It's the closest thing we get to Winter, at least in terms of excuses not to leave the house, getting out of work, and just being lazy in general. After this blog happy week I actually have a bruise the size of my elbow worked into my inner right thigh from sitting cross legged on the couch, with the laptop on the ottoman ( AKA Sneaky's apartment) blogging. Oh I think I feel a list coming on... After the quote of the day of course. I have an AMAZING one today, the ending of Jack Kerouac's on the road... Possibly one of the best paragraphs ever written in America...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Congratulations Stephanie Izard!!!!!!

For those of you who don't already know, Stephanie Izard became the first ever female top chef last night on Bravo in the show's 4th season. Never before has the person who I wanted to win actually won!! I thought Richard Blais would have gotten it just because he's got a wee-wee. I got so excited when the judges were talking to them before they announced the winner, b/c they were like, Richard, you're whimsical, we've got that figured out, Lisa, it's all about Lisa ( what a cunt BTW) we've got that figured out, Stephanie, you constantly amaze us with stuff out of left field, we can't figure you out.... That's when I was 99% sure that she was going to win! I was so happy for her. Seriously, Stephanie, wherever you are, congratulations! You totally deserve it!! Your food looked amazing all throughout the season and I can't wait to eat at your restaurant one day... Last time I checked, the design district in Miami had plenty of space for lease..... And someone like you could really give Michael's Genuine Food and Drink a run for it's money....

5 More Reasons Why Having A Pool is Better than Going to South Beach

11. You have more privacy if trying to drown your MIL ( thanks Suzy!)
12. Jumping off the roof
13. Falling, a la Gus, fully clothed, butt first into the pool
14. Private puppy swimming lessons
15.This picture, and all the pictures not taken

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Top Ten Reasons Why Having Your Own Pool Is Better Than Going To South Beach!

10. It's the Miami equivelent of being the house on the block with the huge hill aftter a snowstorm
9. The Chairs are free
8. The drinks are cheap
7. Dogs and inebriation are encouraged
6. There are no anorexic models on the next chair to make you feel bad about yourself
5. There are no jellyfish, stinging salt water, hidden sharp things, crabs, or sharks to make you feel bad about Everything
4. You can have sex and not get sand in your chotchke
3. You can have sex and the only person who might catch you is the lawn guy, and he's certainly not arresting anyone
2. You already have a parking space, and the walk isn't bad.
1. Two Words : Skinny Dipping!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How to Meet People on South Beach

The Forge, The Raliegh, Equinox, Starbucks,Epicure ( I met Ferrell there ;) ) Nikki Beach Brunch
Driving your car if you have a nice one... Shaking your ass if you have a nice one... Running on the beach if you have nice, ummm...

You get the picture! If you have a nice one, you will be sure to impress in this material town.

At right is a pic of Richy's car. People try to meet him all the time. He likes to show his wedding ring it makes us both laugh. :)

Today's Burning Question

This morning found Sneaky and me burning with the eternal question; continue to watch the Today Show/ browse blogs in the living room ( AKA home of the big TV)or go back to bed? Then I had the most amazing flash of inspiration. You really can have it all! Currently Sneaks and I are in bed, with the TV on, writing blogs ( plans to resume browsing asap), drinking coffee.

This is the way to spend a morning! Here are the views from the bed:

Not so bad, eh?

This is Today on Becca's Blog. Lol.

Where Have All the Comments Gone?

I'd like to think this has more with me changing my blog address than failing to provide anything of value to those in the blogosphere, but who knows. now features futons. How odd. Seriously thinking about deleting myspace, but then I would miss drinking red wine and laughing with Dina over what people from WHS are doing now ( besides living at home).

In the spirit of high school memories flooding my brain, here's a math problem for you.

Considering that I met my husband after college and have been with him longer than I was in high school, and spent the normal amount of time at both places, how pathetic are the people in the WHS class of 99' and older for still living at home?

Answers? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?