Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Today's Burning Question

This morning found Sneaky and me burning with the eternal question; continue to watch the Today Show/ browse blogs in the living room ( AKA home of the big TV)or go back to bed? Then I had the most amazing flash of inspiration. You really can have it all! Currently Sneaks and I are in bed, with the TV on, writing blogs ( plans to resume browsing asap), drinking coffee.

This is the way to spend a morning! Here are the views from the bed:

Not so bad, eh?

This is Today on Becca's Blog. Lol.

Where Have All the Comments Gone?

I'd like to think this has more with me changing my blog address than failing to provide anything of value to those in the blogosphere, but who knows. now features futons. How odd. Seriously thinking about deleting myspace, but then I would miss drinking red wine and laughing with Dina over what people from WHS are doing now ( besides living at home).

In the spirit of high school memories flooding my brain, here's a math problem for you.

Considering that I met my husband after college and have been with him longer than I was in high school, and spent the normal amount of time at both places, how pathetic are the people in the WHS class of 99' and older for still living at home?

Answers? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


internet gambling said...

Well, all I can say is. Im hungry.

lovelyrita said...

Don't delete Myspace. I also enjoy drinking and laughing at others.