Thursday, June 12, 2008

Congratulations Stephanie Izard!!!!!!

For those of you who don't already know, Stephanie Izard became the first ever female top chef last night on Bravo in the show's 4th season. Never before has the person who I wanted to win actually won!! I thought Richard Blais would have gotten it just because he's got a wee-wee. I got so excited when the judges were talking to them before they announced the winner, b/c they were like, Richard, you're whimsical, we've got that figured out, Lisa, it's all about Lisa ( what a cunt BTW) we've got that figured out, Stephanie, you constantly amaze us with stuff out of left field, we can't figure you out.... That's when I was 99% sure that she was going to win! I was so happy for her. Seriously, Stephanie, wherever you are, congratulations! You totally deserve it!! Your food looked amazing all throughout the season and I can't wait to eat at your restaurant one day... Last time I checked, the design district in Miami had plenty of space for lease..... And someone like you could really give Michael's Genuine Food and Drink a run for it's money....


David Dust said...

Lisa=cunt. You nailed that.

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