Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Season Finale: A Photo Essay ( With Captions!)

I have just arrived home from my 2 week trip to Connecticut and Mass. The weather was amazing and spending time with my family and very best friends is always priceless. I only have one thing to say about the wedding : OVER!

Without further digression;

Lydia of EllipsisAmpersandAsterisk
with her adorable Eski-Poo, Audrey. Lydia, who I've been friends with since I was 15, showed me what's going on in the Hartford, CT scene on more than one night but the best part of it all was afterhours at her apt with wine, Audrey Hepburn on the TV,little Audrey on the couch, and Andy Capp's Hot Fries.

The beautiful Hermione, the kitten my mother bought me when I graduated college who tried to blind Reigna on multiple occasions after I moved in with Richy. She now lives a happy and dog-free life with my sister in Newington, CT.

My sisters bachelorette party which I threw at her house.

The mural Richy painted back in 2003 at our old friend Jack's club the Enchanted Garden, at 88 Pratt St in Hartford. The club has changed owners and names many times since then but this huge airbrushed portrait of Dali remains.

West Beach, Westbrook, CT. I have lived in many states and towns in the last five years, but this one place I have lived every summer of my life. My mother now lives here full time. I took a drive the morning after the bachelorette to do some thinking, and got a few beautiful shots of this quaint beach town.

The view from the car of the houses lining the beach road.

The town beach from the huge concrete and stone jetty.

The view off the other side of the jetty.

On a clear day, you can see...... Long Island.

The jetty itself, from the middle.

The friendly staff at the Penny Lane Pub in Old Saybrook, CT. I escaped the family on a Sunday afternoon for Nachos and Pinot Noir. I also had my rehearsal dinner here back on May 4, 2006.
I had a fabulous time with my family, but they own half the street in Westbrook that my mom's house is on and cousins and their children were overflowing out of my Grandma's turned Aunt's house and I needed some ME time.

Bohopoetgirl, you're not in South Beach anymore: Connecticut's take on sky advertising.

My cousin's daughter Bel, who my whole family is obsessed with saying is a Mini Me. I don't know if the world is ready for that!

A day at the beach.

The view from my smoking spot. Also, Extreme Home Makeover: Lynne Ave Edition.

The view from my aunt's new rooftop deck

My very favorite beer, Magic Hat #9, crafted in Burlington, VT, and sold no closer to South Fla than Savannah, GA

Connecticut Postcards

Magic Hat's Summer Variety Show, including Summer 08 (a delicious malty nut brown ale,)Hocus Pocus, a light citrus infused take of number #9, Circus Boy, a hefeweizen that tastes delicious with an orange wedge, and of course, the award winning apricot infused #9. A must have for any New England summer cookout ( we don't BBQ in CT, btw... We cook out)

Bridget, who has been around since I was 14.. and has lived to tell the tale! Bridget used to sneak out my basement window every time I did... Only she would get me caught running around my mom's comforter with dirty paws!

This is what Bridget enjoys doing with my hair elastics... 13 years and it still cracks me up every time I find one in her food bowl.. I mean, why the food bowl Bridge? why?

This is Lily, Hermione's "big boned" sister. Lily has a boyfriend, a grey stray chubby chaser we named Billy Joel ( he's looking for an uptown girl). When he sprayed the door, Lily somehow snuck out about ten times in an hour... Ohh young love..

The cute and well behaved Rotty, Madeleine. She lives in a Miami comes to Hartford upscale loft in an old tire factory called the Design Space. Maddie belongs to my good friend Shana, the owner of Mariel The Shoe Bar. You should see her personal collection of shoes! Shana has always had amazing fashion sense, even when we were 11. I can't go in her store without buying a pair, and now she has 2 stores! Don't worry, So Fla, according to Shana (her nickname), we should be able to buy online soon! Click HERE to go to her website.

And her super cool logo

Sauce for 14... Made with all fresh tomatoes from my aunt's garden. Not a drop remained, even though 4 of the 14 were children!

The B.O.A.T Sandwich at Saybrook Point Inn and Spa (Thick cut locally cured Bacon, Kalamata Olive Tapenade, Arugula and Heirloom Tomatoes, on charred peasant bread. My sister and I got Mani Pedi's here the day before her wedding, and I got married here myself May 5, 2006. Since I hadn't been here since, I came up here for my own personal moment one night days before to ensure that I didn't say a word about my own wedding when we were there.

Look Mom! No Make-up! The limo ride to the wedding. Bridesmaid on my left, my littlest sis and youtube phenom/blogger extraordinaire Lianna J on my right.(click on her name to go to her blog)

Attack of Bridezilla!!!!

My hair for the wedding, which was required to be professionally done and up and was not allowed to have anything in it but a few overpriced pearl screws. I had my hairdesser make a headband out of my own hair and screwed the pearls in it. I got my inspiration from pic from an upcoming epi of Gossip Girl, on Serena, natch.

I'd already photographed every other pet I saw on my trip, so I saw no reason to leave little Abby, my bff Jessica's grey cat out of the essay. This is her window.

And Sampson, who, like a true Siamese, never quits his bitching but I love him anyway.

The Agility Champion of SNEAK (Southern New England Agility something) whose eagerness to please, dedication of his owner (Jessica), and little, little legs have won him numerous trophies and ribbons.

Jessica holds a ten week old Yorkie puppy at our cookout: His name is Mickey, and he is so fine....

And finally, full moon over Worcestor, MA... AKA Midnight the cat at Midnight...

But there's nothing like coming home to your very own babies!