Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quote of the Day

"There is nothing more uncommon than common sense"

-Frank Lloyd Wright

Amen to that!

My 100th Post...

Because you've always wanted to whack a penis with a broom handle, and so have I, I have ordered the following for my sister's bachelorette mini fiesta ( alas the party girl's little sis wants a quiet night in with less than ten people)

I love this pic, down to the black hairy balls, so I have decided it 100th post worthy. Let you know how the whacking goes down on August 16th.

Crap! I deleted posts and now this is no longer #100

And I am saving something oh so special for that. So for this I guess I'll just tell you all the morning news that's not fit to print over here in Miami Whores. Nico and Lucky are trying to rip each other's heads off, I am procrastinating going to Costco and Party City, and R is at work. Reigna is in the shower. Lol. I leave to go back to CT in 12 days! Yeehaw! I can't wait to get out of this miserable Miami heat! I am starting to get excited for my sisters wedding. There will be so many parties and I get to eat and drink and not have it be my wedding at all of them! YAY! The bachelorette party is shaping up really nicely, and the wedding itself should be spectacular. I would expect no less from my perfectionist sister. I am so hungry right now, all I can think about is the food at each event. I must get off my freshly showered arse and go to the store right now!