Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weird Song Wednesday - An Oldie But Goodie

This is an older song of mine, sung to the tune of "Rocket Man" by Elton John

I got home real late last nite....
Was 3 or 4 am...
And he should have been paaaasssseeeddd out, in his crate by then..
He runs right up to me, and shakes his ass...
A smile on his face....

On such a fat little man....

Lucky man is gonna rip shit up tonight
He pisses Reigna off they get in fights
He's not the kindof dog you leave to roam
Oh no no no, gotta lock him in....

Lucky man, Little Lucky man and Reigna Girl

South Beach is not the place to have two dogs
Its crowded and hot as hell
And no one wants to walk them, down those stairs

And all the crying, he don't understand
why Mom and Dad always have to leave
Oh Lucky Maaannnn Lucky Man

Lucky Man is going to eat some shoes tonight
He pissed off Reigna and got a bite
He's not the kind of dog I thought I'd own...

Oh no no no... He's a Lucky Man......

Lucky Man is gonna eat some shoes tonight
Lucky Man is gonna crap on the floor tonight
Lucky Man is gonna sleep in bed tonight......

Concoction Monday on Wednesday - Meatballs!

Last night I made my meatballs, which came out amazing as usual. Again, I'm not the best measurer but I've done my best.

Shopping list

2-3 lbs ground beef
1 large handful Italian breadcrumbs per pound
1 bunch Italian Parsely
1 egg per 1-1.5 pounds
parmigianno reggiano or artisan domestic parmesean
Locatelli romano or pecorino if you can't find Locatelli ( Fresh Market has)
fresh ground pepper
coarse sea salt
crushed red pepper
Olive oil

place beef in large mixing bowl. crack eggs in. add a small handful per pound each of parmesean and romano cheeses. Chop up 1/4 cup per 1.5 pound beef of italian parsley, and add to bowl. Add a tsp of crushed red pepper, more if you like. Add salt and pepper to taste. Preheat a large skillet over medium with a few tablespoons of olive oil. Mix all ingredients together by hand, taking care not to overwork the meat or the meatballs could become tough. Form into small and medium balls, to preference, and overload the pan so that later you can brown each side by propping them up against each other. Make sure to brown on all sides before removing to a paper towel covered plate to drain. Plop a few into your sauce during the last half hour of it's cooking for flavor. Leave the rest to keep the crunchy carmelization of the searing. Link to the post that has my sauce recipe click here

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Facebook Question

Why does facebook keep suggesting to me to befriend people I have spent my entire life carefully avoiding? I mean, hello, we know the same people and we are not friends yet; recognize that facebook you silly F***k!

Another Puppy Mill Bites the Dust not a moment too soon!

I'm a big weepy mess right now. I just learned via the Herald that a mini dog puppy mill in Tenn was busted and hundreds of pups and dogs rescued and given their own wing at the Broward County Humane Society. Thanks to the publicity, hundreds lined up to adopt these poor babies, many of whom had never walked on the ground before, relegated to life in a mesh cage, turning out litter after litter... A quote from the Herald story:
" Somehow the breeds of the rescued dogs made the negligence discovered on a rural farm in Lyles, Tenn., seem all the more unfathomable. Most were little guys. Yorkies, Boston terriers, miniature pinschers, poodles, Chihuahuas, Maltese, Shih Tzus, Pomeranians, Shar-Peis, Jack Russell terriers. The very dogs we're used to seeing coddled, anthropomorphized and spoiled like children."

As an owner of a Yorkie hybrid and a Min Pin, I am especially emo right now. Down with puppy mills! It reminds me that I never posted the link to the article I wrote about SPCA Miami's Charity Party at the Versace Mansion for Here it is; Versace Article

Quotes of the Day

"Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing." - Albert Schweitzer

"An expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less until he knows everything about nothing." - Dan Millman's Socrates.

"We are here and it is now. Beyond that, all human knowledge is moonshine."

H.L. Mencken

Bar Food Friday -A Lecture and a Let down

Don't let the title fool you- I had an amazing time on Bar Food Friday. I just didn't have amazing bar food.

I met Manola BBB at the University of Miami's Lowe's Art Museum. A 10$ donation later, and we were listening to a slide accompanied lecture about excavating Egypt. Apparently the study of Egypt, AKA Egyptology, is a fairly new science. Our lecturer spends four months out of his year at Abydos, a dig site located in central Egypt. After the lecture, which was, for lack of a better word, mind blowing, we had a free drink and some appetizers ( most of which were devoured by the time we got through the drink line, which cemented the divide and conquor rule for subsequent events like this one) before perusing the exhibit. It was absolutely amazing to see so much of Petrie's,( the father of Egyptology) findings from his museum in London, on loan to the Lowe Museum. The exhibit is here until November, and I believe the lecture is every Friday at 7pm.

After we were done, we headed over to JJ's American Diner for another drink and some bar , food. I had heard great things about JJ's and was very excited for my sampler which comprised of Fried Mozz, Wings, and Potato Skins... The fried mozz was terrible, congealed cheese covered in soggy sand... The sauce was even worse. The wings I just left sitting there, plain and underfried with what appeared to be nothing more than plain hot sauce on the side. I would refry them, make a sauce, and enthusiastically serve them to hubby later....On to the potato skins, which were definitely fried before filled, in what tasted like a vat of Krispy Kreme oil... The middle was congealed, soggy, and way too thick on the plain potato side..

Thank G&D for good conversation and crappy wine though. That never fails to make my night... Then on the way home, I ran into major traffic. At 11 pm on a Friday night, it took me all of 15 minutes to get to the Gables and about an hour to get home... Welcome to Miami...

Break An Unwritten Rule Tuesday

Two weeks ago I created a format for my blog... Different posts for different days of the week, all depending on my desire, motivation, and ability to actually do all of the things required to post said posts....
I think last weeks lack of blogs was a rebellion against the overachieving of my new format. I mean, I have never been an overachiever. Why start now??
As fun as acting like a complete ass at the gym was, today I didn't have that kind of energy, and decided to abandon my Hunter S. Thompson style of journalism for a road much more traveled; the fly on the wall.
I did break a small rule however, one that went largely unnoticed which was seriously fine with me. I was too busy noticing ( and being annoyed) by others' flagrant unwritten rule breaking.

Unwritten Rule #2

Thou Shalt Not Wear a Shirt that says "Everyone Loves A Jewish Girl" to a gym in Miami Gardens.

The first unwritten rule breaker that caught my eye was the gentleman hanging out in front of the thigh machines that force users to open and close their thighs very widely, leaving their most precious areas wide open... Now, everyone thinks naughty things regarding these machines, at least, I assume they do, but to actually say something? How gauche! I didn't hear what he said exactly, but after watching him practically do a Riverdance with laughter and his friends laugh as well, while the girls on the machines exclaimed such scholarly phrases as; "Oh No You Di-nnnt."

Wow. Remind me not to go on that machine while that guy is here! Then I noticed a lady who kept pushing her gum in a vertical bar out of her mouth while she ran on the treadmill... It was like a South Beach Hooker; as gross as it was, I simply could not look away or hide my disgust. I hate gum. Like truly hate, the smell of it makes me nauseaus and I don't understand the need to be constantly showing to other people something that is made to be chewed inside your mouth. This lady had a particularily rabbit like face as well, and if I could wrench my gaze away as fast as I let it drift over there, then in the blur she totally looked like Bugs Bunny. These two were seriously cramping my workout; here it was barely 10 minutes into my cardio workout and I was seriously contemplating getting off and heading straight for the steam room. I had to concentrate on my book, the cheesy but heartwarming You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, which thankfully got me through the next 15 minutes before I finally headed off to the steamroom after a couple of sets of crunches.

In the steamroom I encountered another rule breaker; a girl listening to blaring hip hop out of her ipod, louder than I thought an ipod could ever go, enough to literally vibrate the cedar benches of the tiny room.... Here I was, trying so hard to relax and detox my body and all I could hear was bass and a lot of loud, harsh sounding words...Not exactly relaxing and detoxifying sounds... That was my exit.

Lesson Learned

Breaking unwritten rules is fun if you're the one breaking them... For everyone else, you're just another annoying South Floridian