Friday, May 23, 2008

Sneaky's Post as told to me

Hazy Kansas Memories
My first memory is the day I was taken from my birth mommy. Loaded into some big loud monster in a smallbox with stranger pups who were just as scared as I was. Where was I going? without my mommy or siblings I was terrified.
The lady that seemed to be controlling the monster turned around and said "we're not in Kansas anymore ToTo." What is a cansas, and what is a toto?
Living on Duval Street....( DOn't any of you dare come down on me for puppy store buying - in me and Sneaky's Mind, this was a rescue !)
I arrived to a hot noisy place full of people that stumbled around, talked very loudly, and always had some human version of water in a cup that they would slosh and spill when they got excited. This is when I learned that sleeping a lot would make most of them leave me alone. Some human idiots think that the more excited a pup is, the better it will be. Takes one to know one I guess, which was nice b/c the dummies always left quick.. . I spent most of my days in a clear stinky window box facing the busy street full of loud men who sometimes fell down and laughed. imagine being in a window the size of a fish tank with a whole bunch of strange pups that were always fighting over food and love. Maybe this was the Zoo? There was never enough to go around. All day long humans oohhed and ahhed and banged on the glass rudely and held me tight. Although I was anxious to get out of the pink and glass,the hell I knew was better than any of them.... they put me back into the window and left me there like a toy they wanted to play with but didn't want to buy. The others fought for attention, all desperate to get to that place the humans call your "forever home". I became depressed as the weeks went on. Months went by, and I heard the people saying that the older I got, the smaller my chance of getting out of this window. The days kept passing, and I watched as my friends were adopted one by one.
The Waiting is the Hardest Part
Where was my forever mommy? I wasnt a lazy nippy dog who didn't like people - I was a romantic, doing my damndest to not settle for anything less than my soulmommy. By the time I reached three months, I was starting to give up hope. Then one day I woke up happy for no reason. I was afraid to get my hopes up too much, but then My forever mommy walked in.I knew it was her before she even walked in. Her smell told me all I needed. It was the first time I ran to be let out in weeks. We were in love at first sight. My mommy picked me up and I felt safe and loved and secure.. I was home. She did not want to put me down.. I didn't want to be put down, but I really had to go, so I peed on her arm. There's a test! and she didn't get mad anyway! Now everyone will know she's taken.. The other pups say you just know, which is hard to wrap my puppy brain around until it happened, she petted me gently and whispered "I have been waiting so long for you" in my ear and I clung to her, hoping this was it. She took me in the back where she watched me for a bit. I was so nervous! she started talking into some weird looking thing that is the human version of a leash and started crying. I was sure this was it. But if the alpha male said no, I was doomed. How could I convince her that I was hers? When she put me back in the window, I stood and cried, running across the window until she disappeared down the loud road. I was frantic. Then she came back. I ran to greet her, desperate to prove my love..

How much is that Doggie in the Window

This time when she held me I saw her go over to the tall thing where people run plastic cards through machines and then take home pups! She couldn't bear to lose me, I heard her say to my foster mom. My husband still hasn't said yes but I will give you money towards him to keep him for me. From the smiling faces I started to feel hopeful again. In fact I got so excited I peed on her arm. Oops!
Before she put me back with the others, she whispered in my ear, "you're my baby, and I promise to take you home."
The next day she visited again, this time though she went to the tall thing and filled out all sorts of paperwork. I was so excited because she was too, and together we picked out all sorts of nice things that were just for me! Except this stupid thingy called a harness. No thanks!
I sat in her lap the whole ride to my forever home. I fell asleep in my mommys arms. I was finally home.
Then I met the rest of my family. I have a big sister who protects me from vets and my brother who was jealous and tried to give me a hard time. showed him whose boss! I am small but I have what the people who live in this sunny place "cojones". And then my mommy will say "for now" and everyone laughs... maybe she thinks I will stop stealing toys and treats from my big bro- fat chance!
I hate to brag, but my life is pretty awesome! My mommy works from home and my brother and sister are always there to play with and teach me useful stuff like how to beg! Mommy tells me she loves me and plays with me all the time. She even lets me steal the other dogs toys, and lets me sleep in bed, and cooks for me!. i think I just might be the luckiest pup in the world... Now if I could only get on and off the couch myself...usually it just takes one cry and she runs to me. Peeing on the couch when she ignored me was one of the smartest moves ever!! From pink soiled paper bedding and the constant stress to the lap of love and luxury? I only wish every pet had a mommy, daddy and brother and sister like mine. It was worth the wait! I must end now, because I see a sock on the floor calling my name. Then I might bite Lucky on the leg... Heehee because I'm a baby he always gets in trouble. Thats why they call me sneaky. Daddy says I complete their family. I hope they mean that because I don't want to give up my baby status.