Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bar Food Friday -A Lecture and a Let down

Don't let the title fool you- I had an amazing time on Bar Food Friday. I just didn't have amazing bar food.

I met Manola BBB at the University of Miami's Lowe's Art Museum. A 10$ donation later, and we were listening to a slide accompanied lecture about excavating Egypt. Apparently the study of Egypt, AKA Egyptology, is a fairly new science. Our lecturer spends four months out of his year at Abydos, a dig site located in central Egypt. After the lecture, which was, for lack of a better word, mind blowing, we had a free drink and some appetizers ( most of which were devoured by the time we got through the drink line, which cemented the divide and conquor rule for subsequent events like this one) before perusing the exhibit. It was absolutely amazing to see so much of Petrie's,( the father of Egyptology) findings from his museum in London, on loan to the Lowe Museum. The exhibit is here until November, and I believe the lecture is every Friday at 7pm.

After we were done, we headed over to JJ's American Diner for another drink and some bar , food. I had heard great things about JJ's and was very excited for my sampler which comprised of Fried Mozz, Wings, and Potato Skins... The fried mozz was terrible, congealed cheese covered in soggy sand... The sauce was even worse. The wings I just left sitting there, plain and underfried with what appeared to be nothing more than plain hot sauce on the side. I would refry them, make a sauce, and enthusiastically serve them to hubby later....On to the potato skins, which were definitely fried before filled, in what tasted like a vat of Krispy Kreme oil... The middle was congealed, soggy, and way too thick on the plain potato side..

Thank G&D for good conversation and crappy wine though. That never fails to make my night... Then on the way home, I ran into major traffic. At 11 pm on a Friday night, it took me all of 15 minutes to get to the Gables and about an hour to get home... Welcome to Miami...