Monday, August 11, 2008

The Mystery of The Cushion Mushin

For those of you who haven't heard me wax poetic about my Pottery Barn sectional, it was the biggest purchase I have ever made with money I made myself. Okay, that money was the commission I earned by being my own agent when I bought my current home, but still, it made the lousy year and a half I spent in Real Estate more worth it than the oft promised rarely delivered bonuses I got selling the Queen's condo's for him when I was his and the Fag Hag's assistant. It is huge, filling up my entire living room, and I even sprung for the ottoman, the down filling, and the matching rug. Sometimes we forget how much couch room we now have and you may find Richy, Me, Reigna, Lucky, and Nico all curled up one side of the couch as if it was the entire thing.
Fast forward to the mystery of the wet spots, as I blogged a few weeks ago, that was Lucky doing some overenthusiastic licking. Now I am starting to notice how mushed a few of my cushions are becoming, and since Lucky has gotten a bit fat for his size lately, I suspect him. Here's a pic of my mushed cushion

I've tucked a fleece dog blanket into the next section of the couch for my shedders, but of course the only one who hangs out there is Nico, the one who doesn't shed. Oy Vey. it didn't take me very long to catch the musher in the act, as represented here. Nobody will be surprised to learn who it is:

Right now it is pouring mushers and shedders outside!! Also, if anyone would like to comment on how I can make my food stealing Lucky lose weight, you will see above his head is rapidly shrinking....And that cushion is not exactly a piece of fluff....