Friday, August 15, 2008

The Episode Before The Season Finale

If this blog was a television show, it would be one that didn't find itself until season two.

Above is a picture from my bachelorette party I found on Anna's computer while gearing up for my sister's fiesta tomorrow. I'm in the middle.

I plan on taking a month hiatus to gear up for "Blue Moon Over Miami: Season Two".
I am new to blogging and as my Anna so gently pointed out, sometimes my blog is like talking to me on the phone rather than reading my more creative and interesting stuff. I am taking this break until the day before the Grey's Anatomy season premiere, which would be September 24. I will be blogging during this time, but into word. The stream of consciousness "I played with the dogs, got annoyed with something, and went to the grocery store" blogging is not what I set out to accomplish when I began this thing. I will be reading blogs and blogs about blogging and blogs about the things I blog as much as possible.

I do plan on one more post before I break. I want to think about it and make it good though, as any season finale should be. And to be a taste of what's to come.

If anyone needs to talk to me during my hiatus, you can always send an email to