Friday, July 25, 2008

Is it just me, or is She EVERYWHERE???

Shopping in the mall, browsing the web, watching the Today Show, reading USWeekly in bed, reading Vanity Fair AT ALL ... These used to be a few of my favorite things... Until Smiley Papyrus came along. Tuck your teef back in Smiley! Stop jumping around in the Limited Too!!! I can't even listen to the radio anymore in fear of hearing that awful commercial for the open casting call for some talent scout who scouted Girl 4 or something for Hannah Montana. "Do your kids love Hannah Montana? Would they like to be on a show just like Hannah Montana? Do you wish you had some money like Hannah Montana??" OMG shut it off. Smiley Papyrus is everywhere and I can't stop it. Not that it's her fault. But seriously. Tuck your teef back in. OH god are you complaining Smiley about how much sleep you got last night? Because last time I checked at 15 you can go a few days without stopping for fuel. Smiley sounds pretty old before her time. I better finish this blog before I start feeling bad for old Smiley. Oh god end of commercial break and Smiley is urging me to be happy, be happy, be happy, for her.... Tks Smiley now I no longer feel bad for you. And your backup dancers are superfreaks! Was thinking about posting the topless pic of old Smiley

"She's bringing backless back..."
Those other preteens don't know how to act
by the time she's 16 she'll be smoking crack.

What? Take it to the Mouse....."

OMG Mileyworld!!!


Lianna J said...

yea shes everywhere, i saw an ad for a "hannah montana and miley cyrus tour". I laughed cause is she thinks she's really two people, there will be some personality disorders down the road that will not be pretty.