Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hey, Hey, It's GreysDay!!! And a guide to Message Board Speak

Waiting to see what my message board (MB) buddies have to say about tonight's Greys Episode. I might live blog it, I might go to a meeting instead... but the site is taking forever to load. I'm thinking I might check Television Without Pity (AKA TWOP in MB speak) to see what those girls have to say as well, since those boards are vigilant about going OT (Off-topic).

There used to be this awful troll (from wikipedia:"A troll is a user that repeatedly and intentionally breaches netiquette, often posting derogatory or otherwise inflammatory messages about sensitive topics in an established online community to bait users into responding, often starting flame wars" on there called PinkBallerina, and her and her kind kindof soured me on the MB's for a while.

Basic Forum Rules as Found on Wikipedia, with my input after each:

* No swearing or otherwise vulgar language
- Meredith is an ugly cunt, not going to fly she is just ugly and annoying... that is OK....I wish we got to see Derek's Penis is not cool, instead say you wish you got to see Derek full-frontal ( and he was in some soft core porn with Lisa Bonet for those hardcore Dr. Shepherd shippers.)

* No insulting or harassing fellow members

- Do I need to explain this, bitches??

* No advertising or spam

-There used to be this chick who came on the MB's all the time and all she would ever post was, hey, come check out my SUUUUUPER-COOL Greys site!!!! Here's the link!!! That's what that is. I think I may have harassed and insulted her swearing and using vulgar language. My bad. Especially since I myself have blogged about Greys and the MB and gone on to say come check out my blog, I wrote about you! And I might even do it again, but at least I know I'm doing wrong.

* No double posting
- Double posting is DUH. Don't do it, and edit it out if you do by mistake b/c the page is slow to load and you are impatient with your clicky finger.

* No multiple accounts
- Old Stinky Pinky, as I liked to call her, had many many names that were usually something disturbing since she was a grown woman, like ILIKELITTLEBOUYS or BarbiesRGreat. My favorite ever was "IMNOTPINKB" There were many threads where the school age children of the thread compared the personal details she would leak out in different names over time in different threads to prove it was her and she still would never cop.... Like these five users all live at their parents with five cats and don't drive. OK. Usually trolls will give themselves away because their incindiary accusations and awful grammar often remain the same.

* No links or information on warez or copyright infringing material
- I had to look up Warez on Wiki too, "it refers primarily to copyrighted works traded in violation of copyright law. The term generally refers to illegal releases by organized groups, as opposed to peer-to-peer file sharing between friends or large groups of people with similar interest using a darknet." ( OK, now have to look up Darknet: "a closed private network of computers used primarily for file sharing.")

* Do not resurrect dead threads
- NUBES ( Newbies to the MBs) do this all the time by mistake. They don't realize when there are too many pages to a given thread(topic)the posters there have started a new one so that people don't have to scroll through 45 pages to find what people are saying now. By resurrecting a dead thread you will confuse many people and generally mess up the order of things on the MB. Speculation and Discussion group ( where I went after the Great Spoiler Thread Split of 2007) has hundreds of threads to our name. When the board is hopping ( like it probably is now, since it's only 2 hours to McDreamy AND McSteamy and all those fabulous one liners) you won't notice if you were posting on thread 557 or 558 and if some nube messes things up you could be posting all by yourself in a totally different land. We call that Lost SeriouslyJan always has this happen to her. We say Jan is "Lost in the old thread again" and send someone to go find her.

I clicked off the other tab where I was waiting for the board to load in my Wiki-Zeal. OMG there is Jan now on Windows Live Messenger - I'm going to go see what she has to input into this post. Oh Jan got kicked off. That happens to her a lot too. The MB finally loaded and I have been off it so long I don't even remember who it was they called "McBadAss" in still pics for episode 5.06. Is that even tonight? Or are these girls, as always, famously ahead of themselves? I used to know everything that was going to happen on Greys before it did, and had usually watched the best bits of the epi (episode) in clips. I mean, what happens on Greys might be brain surgery, but figuring out what is going to happen on Greys? Not so much. Especially since we all paid in for Sides which are released bits of epi that are one time characters that need to be auditioned for, so these people that don't get the role or interns have access to these scenes and sell them to the people who just can't get enough. Names are always changed for the recurring characters, but like I said before, it's no Neurosurgery... Or even Cardio-Thorassic. Because it's an MB, the girls had to start a second site to talk about the sides because ABC is so not cool with that... In fact I think it's a bit illegal. (It wasn't me- I don't even have access to that site anymore, I swear~!)

here is a link to the general board on the ABC MB HERE

The last post is supposedly today, 11:10 pm. HUH? I don't know what time zones those weirdos are operating in at all, but it's about time to get ready for this meeting. BBL McReaders!!