Monday, October 20, 2008

Who was Bohopoet girl 8 years ago??


A childhood dream of mine was to have my very own study, one with floor to ceiling bookcases lining one wall. Now I do, complete with navy blue drapes, it's very own bathroom with light blue original tile, and a navy blue futon (if you hadn't noticed, blue is my very favorite color.) Among the books are the references any indigo must have; The only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need, Love Cards, Destiny Cards, Sextrology, and a Tarot Pack..... Also is the countless journals I have kept from the days before blogging and laptops... I just opened one up that Eli (more about him HERE sent me as a birthday present after the summer I spent in Georgia, and I just opened it.

I'm going through it now, and plan on posting some of my writing from that time, a time where my identity was a more than just part of a whole....A time when although I maybe have worshipped Bacchus and Venus more than I ought, I was who I was and you either loved me or hated me....And I truly believed it was your loss should you choose the later...

That's what's so weird about life. We spend so much of our carefree period bitching about our lack of freedom, about how great it will be to have a house and be able to come home or do whatever you wanted with little to no consequences....Now we look back and remember how life seemed spread out in front of us like a buffet of pick your dream or posion....I know it's not too late...All this writing, all these old journals, are letters to myself, written long ago