Sunday, October 5, 2008

Closing the chapter on one hell of a week

I apologize for any typos I haven't caught, but my brain is not functioning efficiently at the moment. Here's evidence:

Detail of the front

Hey there Blogosphere-

I don't know about you all, but I've had the craziest week ever.

Manic Monday, Terrible Tuesday, Weary Wednesday, and So On...

Started work Monday, smashing all my delusions of it being a grand old time...Tuesday I found out my Grandmother died, and decided to miss her funeral. Wednesday I had my second day of work and it was trying....Thursday all I thought about all day was the fact I missed her funeral and felt guilty, guilty, guilty. This was my Catholic guilt, since it was my Irish Catholic Grandma. Although my Jewish guilt did show up to say, "Oy Vey Gevault! How could you do this to your poor mother, shmuckelah??"


The weekend was promising until it wasn't. A fabulous (as always) hair cut @Shampology Salon & Supply (click on name to go to site) by my good friend Danny Dillon, who I'm trying to convince to go on the next season of Shear Genius since he is a hair G*D, car washed and takeout from Macaluso's. It was a wonderful day and evening ,the kind where you feel the excitement of being a teenager again just over life in general and laugh so hard your face hurts the next day. It was perfect - right up until I hydroplaned at 70 on the causeway, accelerating to get over a lane to get on 95N. 3 brain-scrambling BANGs against the guardrails (and my steering wheel) later, and I miraculously regained control of the car, got on 95, and drove home in a complete state of shock.

SO This is Why I Pay Geico Every Month

Thank g*d since I have a lease I have collision, but my deductible is still way high. I called out of work Saturday night because I couldn't think straight, and my head, my neck, my back and all a that was in major agony. I have a lovely bump and bruise trailing down the right side of my face. An example of my scrambled brain - I sat for ten minutes thinking the word "Flywich" in my head yesterday wondering why it didn't sound right... Then I realized it wasn't right because the word I was looking for was "Sandwich"... And then today I was sitting in the passenger seat of a car and looking at some stains on the speaker, wondering how they got there. Just for the record, I was not in my car at all! Y

Today, my head still hurts like it's being sat on by the elephant man and my body feels worse. My father is freaking out about my facebook page AGAIN. And even I don't have the chutzpah to ask my parents for money for a rental car, especially not after all they have done for me lately... I'll have to take the bus *Shudders* in to work and get a ride home. I showed up at work to make sure I have a job. It appears I still do, so I am greatful for that.

Finding the Positive

Now I'm finding all the things to be thankful for, all the things that didn't happen. I could have had a terrible evening instead of a great one and then crashed my car. I could have hit someone, killed someone, or caused a 5 car pile-up. I could have gone straight into the bay, flipped my car, been disfigured, lost a limb, or died. *Shudders again*... Okay, maybe the losing the limb thing would probably only happen if I was on a motorcycle, which I would never, ever do, especially not at night in the rain on a causeway.. Grow up in a family of personal injury lawyers and see those "Exhibit A" photos and you won't ever want to go on one either.

Anyway, I am thankful for cheeseburger sliders, french fries, and new "Desperate Housewives" on tonight. I am thankful for not being one anymore.....I am thankful for a new "Brothers and Sisters", and "Entourage" (LOVE Adrian Grenier)
...And tomorrow is Monday which means "Gossip Girl," the very best junk food for my soul ever!!

I am thankful that I never sleep alone, but with Lucky curled up at my feet and Nico cuddled into my stomach. I am thankful that I never, ever have to be at work by 9. I am thankful for bubble baths, good conversation, new friends, swimming pools, and quiet neighborhoods...I am thankful for shoes that haven't been chewed by a puppy......And most of all, for friends and family who stick by you when shit gets complicated...

"BohoPoetGirl: This Shit Actually is Complicated" I think would blow away Denise Richards, Brooke Knows Best, and the Two Corey combined. Actually, The Lucky and Nico Show is far more entertaining than either of those awful masturbatory "shows"..

I'm thankful for Juicy Couture Velour sweats....and tank tops from Banana Republic....Matzoh Ball Soup, an entire afternoon spent in the kitchen and chocolate chip bagels with full fat cream cheese. With Yom Kippur coming up in a few days G*d knows I have plenty to atone for. I wish you all a wonderful Sunday night. And welcome to the blogroll, White Dade.