Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hello Friends!

It's been quite the eventful month over here in Bohopoetland.. Irony has reigned supreme since I last signed off, and while some of you may know some of the details, most of you must not hold your breath, as these things that are going on are deeply personal. I can only ask you all to please keep me in your thoughts as I go through some major changes. I promised to come back a few days ago, but despite the fact that I watched the Greys Anatomy 2 hour season premiere and it was fantastic, the spell of it has somehow broken... Watching was not the escape from the boredom of life as it used to be.... As I step back into being a productive member of society and out of my guilded cage I am forced to admit that real life is far more interesting than the medical case of the week and whether or not Meredith finally has Derek move in with her.... These are just characters, characters on tv that are not my friends, and that I do not know beyond the glare of the plasma... I will never stop watching Greys, and I highly doubt I will ever stop loving the DVR with a passion... But however, there's something going on outside my windows now, and while I suspect it has always been there, it's call resonates so much more strongly through me now, more than ever....


Heather said...

So glad you're back to blogging. I've missed reading it! Hope everything's going okay. You're in my thoughts and I'm sending positive energy your way! xoxo - Heather