Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Table 8, Worth the Wait Parts 1 & 2

Part One

One of my favorite tips from my favorite foodie, Rachael Ray, is to do new/pricey restaurants for lunch, it’s a much more affordable way to try a place. My bff SamStyl and I have lunch out together at least once a week. Our favorite haunts are Joe Allens, Macaluso’s ( I call her and say let’s do Macaluncho’s), and Michaels. If we’re not in the mood to spend 20$/ person, we do Secret Sandwich or grab pizza at Steve’s. Last Friday we were feeling fabulous, and were on our way to the Front Porch when I spotted Table 8. It looked fabulous, and so we decided to go in. It was 2pm on a friday afternoon. We were seated in woven leather chairs with thick cushions and handed thick, leather menu’s. For some reason, it took about 20 minutes to get my pelligrino and Sam’s iced tea and place our order. That was the most annoying part of our lunch but it gave us a chance to figure out our best plan of attack for this new menu. We finally decided to split the turkey club and the short rib grilled cheese. Although it took another twenty minutes for it to arrive, we had a delicious kalamata olive, fresh herb and fruity olive oil tapenade to eat with toasted bagel chips and onion pockets. When the food finally arrived, it was definitely worth the wait - best turkey club EVER, people!

Part Two

Okay, the turkey club had oven roasted turkey cut to the perfect thickness and piled on thick toasted white peasant bread, slices of the freshest avocado I have ever had, boston bibb lettuce, marinated plum tomatoes, thick slices of applewood smoked bacon, and an amazing fresh herb and dijon mustard mayo that tasted a bit like bearnaise and also a little bit like heaven. It was served with a frisee salad I basically ignored and white truffle oil homemade potato chips. Honestly, SamStyl and I could have split the sandwich, which was 12$, and been totally full. But then we would have missed out on the french fries and the short rib grilled cheese ($15). Thick toasted buttery bread,red onion marmalade, melted bel paese cheese with shreds of deliciously braised short ribs mixed in, and the best french fries I have had in recent memory. The bill, including 18% gratuity, was 46.25, but I also ordered a large bottle of pelligrino for myself. We probably could have ordered just the club, with the french fries and had tap water and been out of there for under 20$. Add to that the beautiful boys walking by, all in town for White party weekend, and it really was the perfect SoBe lunch

Table 8 South Beach
1458 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 695-4114

Located in the Regent Hotel