Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sam's Birthday Boat Trip Part One of I don't know how many yet

A couple of days before her birthday, my bff Samstyl called me in a complete state of panic.

She looks super upset to my right, right? Let's not get ahead of ourselves

Anyway, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by myself ( see mom I do it to everyone!) Samstyl was freaking out about the birthday surprise boyfriend Seth was planning for her.
"All I know is that I have to bring a bathingsuit and wake up really early on a Saturday morning," she said. "Wearing a bathingsuit and being up at the crack of dawn's ass on a Saturday are my two least favorite things in the world."

Without giving it all away, as Seth and I had been planning this for weeks, I had to at least tell her she didn't have to go swimming if she didn't want to. This later will prove to be false as even though I have no great desire to swim around in ice cold water on a cloudy day with various sea creatures, my bladder had a great need to be emptied. And, can't imagine why, no one wanted me to pee right off the back of the ladder I had to climb down to get in.....

Wait, is this post about Sam's B-Day or my bladder.....

Anyway, we arrived at the at the marina across from the Eden Rock on Collins in Mid beach at 840 AM, 20 minutes early. We lugged champagne, strawberries, Einstein's bagels and cream cheese, water, beer, fruit salad, cake, towels, and accoutrements. down to the dock, where we we were met by the captain of a glorified dinghy. Richy started waxing poetic about all the Cigarette's we could have borrowed (YEAH right, I know Skippy better !) And the crowd grew visibly nervous as we waited for Jackie and Junior AKA Doody.
Seth tried, hastily to get a free upgrade. It was time to pile into the one engine shell of a 14 foot hull. The sun wasn't out, the air was a bit nipply, but we were rocking and rolling, sure our captain was going to let us smoke on the thing
I attempted to make Mimosas with plastic champagne goldblets, but as I made them juice, then strawberry, then champagne, the strawberry acted at a seal, keeping the grove-fresh OJ and the champagne separate... But I wouldn't notice that yet.

Pretty soon we were in open water, cruising past Key Biscayne, and even this non boat owning boat snob had to agree. This little POS had some Cajones!

The Veuve Cliquot was flowing, leading me and subsequently Sam and Jackie into a rousing round of "Champagne on a little boat" When Sam spilled champagne on herself and declared it was raining, we all looked the other way. "It's Champagning!" I said. However, when she spilled onto the outboard engine and turned around with a straight face on and told it " I'm sorry" before turning back around to finish her story, we decided to give drinking a break for a few hours...

Stay tuned.... Or whatever that is in laptop land - logged on



Am so excited, Richy and I are going to B.E.D. tonight to see Adam Freeland...HAHA I'm a hyperlinking fool!