Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oye Mi Poema Thursday

Next weds a group of local blogger chicas and I are hitting up Ingrid B's Bohemia Room spoken word event; Cunnilinguistics, A night of erotic poetry... Only problem is, the only finished poem I have that's slightly erotic that I haven't destroyed or lost I read last time I was there. I'm going to have to actually write a new poem. It's been almost a year I think... But going through my old stuff on my dino desktop I found this poem, which I wrote in Miami, a little over a year ago... And decided to share. I was inspired my Billy Collin's poem of the same name. He is such a great poet... I wonder if I can get some erotic poetry inspiration there? No, best keep it safe and look through my Adrienne Rich ;)

The Best Cigarette
by B.L.

There are many that I miss

Having flicked my last one over a balcony

One dark night, a firefly disappearing in the trees.

The obvious ones, of course;

After an evening joint, the double indulgence

As one fades to ash, two light up

And lean back, the end of a long


At the end of a greasy breakfast

The day waiting to begin

Blue-grey haze curling and dancing from the ashtray;

Or in a hot tub, resting an elbow on the edge

Holding the damp filter until it burns out.

It’s a strange dichotomy, these moments

of flame and relief.

The most pure memories are mornings

When the next line keeps appearing

Through the tangle onto my computer screen,

The endless Miami sun.

Newly downloaded music in the background

With it’s own beautiful surprises and familiarities.

I would grab for the pack without looking

Away, lighting up as I read my own

Words as if they were a letter

To myself, written

Long ago..

And it would be the exhale of breath

Left hand raised to hold it

As I lean back in the chair and

Smile at my own truth.

Then I would be my own sunshine

All bright energy as I returned to work

My thoughts like beams of light

Little rays whispering,

The catalyst of soul growth

All the poems that brought me

Here, came from somewhere


That was the best cigarette.

Smiling at the monitor.

Every ounce of light within

Shining on these words.


Tere said...

If I end up going - I didn't realize it was an erotic theme. Good thing I have some old stuff that might work.

BohoPoetGirl said...

I think you should definitely go, even if neither of us read it will still be super fun.. Thanks for the blogroll add!

luvden said...

Love the poem and the blogs. Keep em coming BL!

BohoPoetGirl said...

tks for the Love, Luv ;P