Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where It's At This Weekend - The Versace Mansion

Richy and I will be joining Neill Hernandez, VP of Cigarette Racing Team, and his lovely wife Amy at a party Saturday night at the Versace Mansion. We have to wear something orange, and our friends Phil Lipshultz and Marisa Narsiah will be meeting us there. I don't know why everyone must wear orange,( note from next day : The event is called Celebrities go Orange for Animals and it's for the SPCA of Miami.) but thank god I look okay in that color! I am very excited as I have never been there and with my trusty little olympus stylus camera and voice recorder inside my Louis, I'll be able to bring it all back to you. Now if I only had a button video camera....There are sure to be celebrities there. Stay tuned! Although I am not promising a blog Sunday morning, that's for sure, and no one wants me to write it when I get home. Friends don't let friends blog drunk.


Lianna J said...

the versace mansion??? im so jealous bec, i hope u had a great time :) miss you.

<3 Juls