Friday, July 25, 2008

Good Morning Miami

It's on morning's like this that I really feel the full effect of some of the priveledges my life (and husband) provides me. I love when I wake up before he goes to work and we have that 45 minutes to hang out and talk, smoke and watch the dogs run (and potty) in the yard. Those moments make me smile all day. Then he leaves and I'm all up and Twittering and watching the Today show and a little voice inside of me is all "Don't you want to go back to sleep?" and that's the beauty of it. Because I always can later.
Someone snuck in and gave Nico the crappiest haircut ever when I was sleeping. Oh no, that was me. It's really not that bad but a little more light and a little less bacardi would have gone a long way. He's still not ready for his close up. Is this terrible that I am seriously considering asking Alicia, my buddy Danny of Shampology Salon and Supply right hand gal, to fix his hair while I have Danny fix mine? especially because she has little dogs and knows how to handle them.
In other news, I have officially scrapped the summer volunteering at Fairchild. I am still in to assist in the office for the Fairchild Challenge in the fall but the commute, my low tire, the bugs, the heat, the potting, and finally my mysterious possibly mango related rash ( tk god that is going away) just all add up to "I can't possibly go" every week.
And finally, I just got off the phone with my gorgeous husband and it looks like the pink slips are coming down on a few more heads this week. Good riddance to all that slows him ( and our next payday) down. In this economy, it astounds me that some people can't afford gas and some are buying million dollar gas guzzling boats with 60K paint jobs. I guess I'm comparing Orphan Annie to Daddy Warbucks though.
MMMMMmmmm Grilled cheese sandwiches on Today Show. OOOHHH the grilled cheese invitational! Why was I not invited! I have the best grilled cheese recipe EVER! ( To follow) Oh man, I just heard a crowd of people shouting "We want cheese!" Or was that just the voices in my head???